Who Are We?

The Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance is a grassroots organization in Huntsville and surrounding areas of North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee. We fight for progressive change by uniting community members and organizations to build political power, economic security, and quality of life for the 99%.

We organize issue-based campaigns. We work in election campaigns, but we are not beholden to any political party. We believe that building the progressive movement in our region starts with mobilizing directly around the issues that affect the lives of ordinary people.

We have an eye on the long run. Regardless of what happens in the next fight or the one after, we are building a movement to last. We aim to steadily shift the overall debate in our region in a progressive direction.

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True Democracy

Our Values

Social and Economic Justice

Everyone should have the right to a dignified, productive, and creative life. Every member of society deserves fair and equal treatment. The resources of the Earth and the wealth created by working people should result in broadly shared prosperity. We oppose every form of racism, sexism, ageism, and bigotry by which elites attempt to divide the 99% and thwart people’s movements for justice.

Environmental Sustainability

Everyone, including future generations, should have the right to live in a clean and safe environment. Fighting human-induced climate change, protecting biodiversity, and limiting pollution are critical not only to human quality of life but also to the long-term survival of our species. We oppose the shortsighted greed of big corporations and their allies that despoil the planet and suppress climate science for their short-term profits.

True Democracy

Everyone, regardless of wealth or status, deserves an equal voice in a participatory democracy. Existing public institutions should be made to better represent the will and interests of the people. New democratic bodies should be organized wherever elites control decision-making. Workplaces should be made more democratic. Greater political democracy requires greater economic democracy. We oppose the domination of our political system by corporations and the illegitimate treatment of corporate political spending as free speech.

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