100 Activists Organize Progressive Alliance in Huntsville

About 100 community members representing 25 local progressive groups gathered last Tuesday night in Huntsville for an organizing meeting of the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance (TVPA). Participants discussed the TVPA’s plans for building a regional grassroots movement for political power, economic security, and quality of life for the 99%.

The meeting began with an outline of the Progressive Alliance concept. The TVPA aims to unite a diverse coalition of individuals and community groups around progressive core values. The core values discussed are: 1) Social & Economic Justice, 2) Environmental Sustainability, and 3) True Democracy. The goal is to build a grassroots movement that is advancing on multiple fronts as part of a broader progressive strategy. The group discussed the organizational principles and structures that would make such an alliance successful, as well as some potential pitfalls that could undermine a broad and lasting coalition.

In the second half of the meeting, attendees broke into “Project Groups” based on specific focus areas. Each Project Group brainstormed strategies, issue campaigns, and actions, and reported their main ideas back to the larger assembly. TVPA organizers will be following up with the Project Groups, and their ideas will be part of the foundation for our grassroots strategy. Project Groups covered the following topics:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Workers’ Rights
  • Building Progressive Community
  • Disarming Racism
  • Progressive Local Government
  • Other Ideas (The members of this group decided to focus on voter registration, immigrant rights, & education/disability rights.)

Next Steps

  • The next TVPA meeting will be Wednesday, April 26th 6:30pm at the Downtown Huntsville Library.
  • There are a number of progressive events over the next month that we will be supporting. Keep an eye on our Progressive Calendar and on our Facebook page for announcements.
  • We have lots of volunteer roles we need to fill and lots of people who have expressed an interest in doing more. We are doing our best to follow up with people one-on-one. But don’t hesitate to contact us if there is something you want to help with and we haven’t yet spoken to you about it.