The People’s Platform

A political platform for the Greater Huntsville Area and for 2018 local elections.

Economic Justice & Opportunity
  • Attach labor standards and workers’ rights provisions to development projects.
  • Establish an hourly minimum wage of at least $10.10 for all workers performing work on or in connection with local government contracts.
  • Ban predatory lending practices.
  • Create a City of Huntsville Labor and Human Rights Office to parallel the existing Business Relations Office.
  • Stop local government business with big banks that have committed felonies and defrauded customers.
  • Shift local government financial business from big banks to local credit unions.
  • Use business licensing & permitting processes to improve worker standards.
  • Promote the growth of local worker cooperatives.
  • Establish a community land trust to maintain affordable housing and economic diversity.
  • Resist state government preemption of local economic justice initiatives.
Community Policing & Criminal Justice Reform
  • Decriminalize marijuana possession and use; dismiss prior marijuana convictions.
  • End civil asset forfeiture.
  • Remove all financial and performance incentives for making arrests and piling on charges.
  • Keep children out of the adult criminal justice system.
  • Eliminate fines, fees, and court costs for juveniles and poor adults.
  • Focus law enforcement on crimes that have victims.
  • End the school-to-prison pipeline; improve transparency, guidance, and training of school police officers.
  • Increase citizen oversight and review of law enforcement.
  • Ensure transparent process for releasing police body-camera footage to the public.
  • Make high-quality, age-appropriate early childhood education available for all children.
  • Reverse privatization and fully and equitably fund public schools.
  • Provide educators with the pay, resources, and support they deserve.
  • Transparency and accountability for education officials and policy-makers; empower educators and ensure democratic input of all stakeholders.
  • Recognize and address socio-economic barriers with more robust wrap-around services, including more counselors, mental health services, social workers, and parent/community partnerships.
  • Well-rounded, culturally responsive curriculum; authentic assessments, not standardized testing.
Environmental Stewardship & Sustainable Development
  • Improve and expand bus systems to provide clean, convenient, and equitable public transit.
  • Improve and expand pedestrian and bicycle paths.
  • Aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Establish a local environment & sustainability commission.
  • Scale up renewable energy sources for the community and for families.
  • Expand urban gardening & composting through new programs; remove ordinances and rules restricting these practices.
  • Adopt green building standards for new construction.
  • Increase participation in local recycling programs.
  • Preserve and increase urban tree cover.
Vibrant Local Democracy
  • Establish automatic voter registration by registering all eligible citizens who interact with government departments and offices (except individuals who decline).
  • Pass anti-corruption ordinances to stop political bribery and end secret money in local elections.
  • Restore full citizenship and voting rights for formerly incarcerated citizens.
  • Empower citizens to launch ballot initiatives.
  • Increase transparency and citizen input for economic development projects.
  • Create a participatory budgeting process for city/county budget.
  • Remove inherently racist Confederate monuments from public property, and rename public schools and roads named for Confederate leaders.